Archivio | May, 2016

CAM What Makes Quick Fast Lo is already in nature , let alone the rest !!!

Fabio Barone, insieme alla  partecipazione di Michele Rainone , proprietario della società C.A.M. di Palma Campania, con una Ferrari 458 Italia, ha stabilito un nuovo record per “la strada più bella del mondo”, in Romania. Il presidente del Club Ferrari Passione Rossa ha percorso un tratto di 12.850 metri della Transfagarasan in 9’13”442. Ce l’ha [...]

Cina 2016

Still C.A.M. and Fabio Barone together in historic enterprise. The event has received the patronage of the Italian Embassy in China “The road called the most dangerous in the world is located near the city of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China, is Mount Tianmen, also known as the Gate of Heaven. To reach its summit you [...]

Sichuan – Tibet Highway (China)

Promotional commitments level motorsport from the company C.A.M. Michele Rainone not exhausted: ifatti, there is a new and exciting challenge on the road. “This time, adds the mprenditore Palma Campania, it is an enterprise even more difficult, I would say historic if it went through. Always with Fabio Barone, C.A.M. Palma Campania sponsor the journey, [...]

Ferrari 458: record Transfagarasan

The Top Gear test team, the engine drive for excellence made by the BBC, called it “the most beautiful street in the world”, and not by chance. The Transfagarasan runs along the Fortress Dracula and winds between the mountains of the Carpathian Mountains, with steep gradients, exposed stretches to twenty very strong and sharp bends, [...]