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Da oltre 40 anni nel settore dei carburanti alternativi.

C.A.M. Italy presents

For over 40 years in the field of alternative fuels.

About Us

C.A.M. Italy since 1972 with over 40 years of life and experience, working in the branch of alternative fuels (LPG, CNG and LNG) following their ever-changing and giving guarantees of reliability through an ever more innovative service. C.A.M. Italy employs highly qualified staffl for projects of LNG distribution plants of last generation, both for automotive  for industries. As well as being specialized in the creation and management of fuels filling stations such as petrol, diesel, LPG ​​and CNG. Complementing these services, C.A.M. Italy has considerable experience in the installation of LPG and CNG systems, building in this way, a reality that is firmly rooted in its national territory, recognized for its constant commitment to quality products and services. Offer its customers a service that ensures maximum efficiency and safety is an essential cornerstone of the C.A.M. Italy, with the highest respect for the environment.